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ECS Textiles Limited

We are one of the largest textile recycling companies in North East, dedicated to raise vital funds to charitable projects through various clothing collection schemes.

Currently operating House to House, Clothing Bank collection schemes, Funds For Schools and Cash For Clothes, locally and nationally, we encourage residents to recycle unwanted clothing, shoes, handbags, etc. and help raise funds for charitable purpose whilst diverting waste from landfills.

European consumers discard around 6 million tonnes of textiles a year and only 25% of these textiles are recycled by charities and industrial enterprises. The remaining 75% go to landfill or are burnt in municipal waste incinerators, representing an enormous unused source of secondary raw materials.

There are many disputes about the efficiency of incineration as a recycling method. The main fact against it is that incineration increases carbon emissions into our atmosphere, which in its turn is one of the main reasons of global warming.

We should consider this before throwing away things that might be reused or recycled. So let’s cooperate to reduce carbon footprint on our earth!  Our simple recycling scheme requires minimum efforts to help our environment as well as contribute to charities we are supporting generous deeds.



Ecs Textiles